Easy Chickpea Salad

This chickpea salad is a hybrid between tuna and egg salad but vegan. It’s perfect for lunch in an open sandwich, for a picnic or as a dip for parties. This is fresh, tangy, crunchy and one of my husband’s favourite quick lunches and it’s healthy.


  • 1 cup of Chickpeas

  • 2 sticks of Celery chopped

  • 1 cup of Corn

  • 1/4 of a Red Onion chopped

  • 2 Tbsp of Capers chopped

  • 6 springs of Dill cut small

  • 1 clove of Garlic grated

  • 2 Tbsp of Tahini

  • 1 Tbsp of Mustard

  • ½ Lemon (zest and juice)

  • 1/8 of black salt (kala namak)

  • freshly cracked black pepper to taste


Step 1 – Smooch the chickpeas with a fork, you can leave some half way.
Step 2 – Add all the chopped ingredients, tahini and mustard. Grated the garlic and lemon zest and squeeze ½ of the lemon. Add the salt and pepper.

Step 3 – Serve it on toasted bread and add some toppings of your choice, I like to add Sprouts and some extra dill. You can also use it as a dip.

About the Ingredients

Chickpeas: you can use a can of chickpeas but I think it really tastes better with organic dry chickpeas cooked at home. It is so much cheaper and you can choose where they come from.

Tahini: Tahini adds creaminess, nuttiness and will bring all the ingredients together. It is also our only source of fat, a healthy fat that bring a sense of indulging but it’s healthy, choose a good quality one.

Mustard: I’m using organic dijon mustard that is quite mild, you should adjust the amount of mustard according to your taste buds and strength of your mustard.

Black Salt (Kala Namak): If you don’t have it you can leave it out. I avoid salt in general but I have a few exceptions like this recipe. Black salt or Kala Namak is a kiln-fired rock salt with a sulphurous, pungent smell used in the Indian subcontinent. It is composed largely of sodium chloride, lending the salt its colour and smell. It adds a smell almost like egg and brings another flavour to this dish.

How to serve: This fresh summer Salad can be serve as a side dish, as a main or as a snack with some tortilla chips. I like it on a slice of Buckwheat Bread topped with Pickled Red Onion, Dill or Sprouts.